Sunday, February 22, 2004

I had a great long day yesterday. I did two outdoor shows at the El Centro children's fair. It is a great community festival. Not commercial. Packed with people and since it was about 90 percent latino you could get a good ceviche and I did. There were big expanses of people out on the concrete and grass and I entertained all of them. My family magic show benefits from me having done it a million times and I was in top form. Sharp and funny. I use Spanish in the show and laugh at my dumb jokes, even the adults. The next show was in Hemet and I picked up Kristin Greenaway's tent for my hike today. She is so sweet. Made me a cup of tea and we discussed gay marriage. She is for it of course but is worried that things are going so fast that it will set things back. I am worried that the rule of law is being abridged. The mayor of San Francisco is breaking the law. While he may appear to be the Rosa Parks of gay marriage this thing needs to be decided in the courts. I am not really against it but see what a difficult path this would be for most people especially Christians. They are going nuts. Gays and most liberals see this as the same as the liberation of women and blacks. I haven't figured out if that is true yet.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Busy days as usual. Janessa's debit card was used Fraudulently by someone to make two expensive calls over a hundred dollars. We will get it back but what a hassle. Her card is dead and she has to do what we used to do. Write checks to get cash at Target and the Grocery store. Brendan is gone most of the time. He studied hard recently to do good on a Math test. Donna has been on him to call us and let us know where he is at. He spent the night somewhere and we had to call him at 3:00AM to see if was OK. He has been calling me regularly since. I did a show on a boat going about the harbor two nights ago. It didn't go that well. I didn't feel very psychic. I haven't been doing due diligence with my show notes lately and I hadn't prepare my walk around mindreading like I should. I can do better. I am a professional. It could be an off night but I would rather blame myself. It is good protocol in the long run.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I have to sell the Buick and the Cherokee. The Buick has 120 thousand miles on it but is solid. The Cherokee has a serious water leak. We have to tell them the problem and it will lower the price quite dramatically. We start paying on the others March 20 so we need to have a jump on the expense. On top of that I have to pay for insurance until they are sold. I have six cars now. Janessa is happy with her new apartment. They had a handful of problems with the place including a toilet that wasn't working in the master bath. The bugs were fixed with 24 hours and they had a new toilet. Beats the hell apartment they were in.
Let's talk again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I have got a cold. A fairly rare occurrence. Don't feel too bad but I sure sound bad. One of the pitfalls of colds is losing my voice. I get paid to talk. I could lose my eyesight and still make a living. I woke up this morning feeling I could start being very careful with diet again. I could reduce my bodyfat. I am in good shape but am overfat. Since I am vain it is as important as staying in shape. We are all vain I suppose but I do something more about it. That may be the interesting difference between those who exercise and restrict their diet and those who don't do a thing. Of course Donna will diet carefully, as she has recently, to lose weight and still be like a bag of mashed potatoes. Only a smaller bag. My philosophy is to keep the bag small and firm it up. More vanity makes for fresh potatoes? I have always wondered why most woman put so much effort into hair, makeup and clothes when losing weight and firming up pays bigger benefits. In the end I am glad of the health benefits of exercise and diet but I have no illusions about my own motivations. It is a selfish exercise but I am OK with that. More than O.K.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

What a weekend. We moved Janessa and Becca to Corona. The mattress Brendan and I shared leaked. It took about 2 hours for my butt to hit the floor. Four hours later I woke up flat on the floor. I never slept again. We worked like crazy to get her stuff over there. We had problems with the landlord in the old place. This bag of evil almost wouldn't do a final inspection because she had screwed the girls and us into paying until the end of the month. I got on the phone with her boss and forced her hand. Ross and Trish Giloogly were there. So were Jennifer's parents Richard and Cecelia. Jenn is moving on to Bel Air to be with her aunt closer to USC. That is a good thing. Becca and her drove Janessa crazy. The new place is a dream. A suburban neighborhood. The girls have become frustrated with the people living around them. Different races, speaking different languages with strange behavior. Naturally they are more comfortable with people of their own race and background. But it is nervously near a feeling of racism. You to be fair with people. Frankly we are more comfortable with people like ourselves. I have a cold. Nighttime cold medicine makes me sleep like a baby. We have to sell the cars we bought last week before they take them off the insurance. We now have six cars. I want to have them detailed but that costs about 300 dollars. Oh the decisions! Most decisions cost money in my life.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Spending the night Janessa's old apartment. Woke up too early on the a deflated mattress next to Brendan. We are here to move from the old crappy apartment to the new one in Corona. Much nearer to her school. About thirty miles. I woke up after about four hours of sleep and here I am typing on her laptop. Everyone is asleep. I love this interconnectivity. Wherever you are, if you have a computer, there you are. We have a big day ahead. First we move a bunch of stuff and then Brendan and I leave early to do a show in Lake Elsinore. The big surprise is Brendan has a party tonight for his 18th birthday and he doesn't know it yet. Should be quite a turnout. We got some new cars too. I'll write about that soon.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Donna came back from a two day manager offsite at Pechanga yesterday. She had a good time ,but like me, she doesn't sleep well alone. We both had to deal with the mounting problems of the Girls move to Corona. The landlord at the apartment in Norwalk is trying to screw us by not returning cleaning deposits and changing the date we have to pay to for the unit. Our feeling is that she must get away with this regularly. She gave the girls hell when they argued and hung up on Ross, Becca's Dad, when he confronted her. We are going to have to fuck with them to get our money, and we will. We usually don't have to fight but they have crossed the line. We normally ask for what we want, and get it. The girls are working overtime to plan and organize the move this weekend. I respect their work ethic. At this age it is impressive.
The whole thing had Donna and I on edge last night but we are feeling better now. It is not good to react to everything to immediately. It might be better to take a walk, sleep, exercise or do anything until you calm down. Sometimes though you have to move quickly.
Brendan started and quit a pizza job this week. They promised a delivery job and he wound up making a hundred pizzas on Sunday during the Superbowl.
He has been student teaching Kung Fu for the last two days to six students a day. We are proud of his accomplishments. He may have the green sash test soon.
Plenty of things to do today. Off to work.

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