Sunday, March 28, 2004

What a day and night! I was Janessa's birthday. It was 20 years ago yesterday that Donna produced her a 10:37PM. We dined at PF Changs in La Jolla, It was a terrific meal and not expensive so we tried lots of things to make up for it being cheaper. We sat at a big round table right behind the butt of the horse sculpture on the southwest side. Amee (Brendan's girlfriend) and I had a swordfight with chopsticks much to Brendan's embarrassment. Janessa was happy. We bought her a Dog! Her name is Aariane (sic) and she already loves her. Why anyone would want a dog is beyond me but Donna and her love them. Janessa has to get up early now to take her dog out to do you know what and take a walk. She is thrilled to have her and took Shadow out several times since she came to visit which makes me happy. We went to see the Ladykillers after the meal and it was really good and really weird. Tom Hanks was a scream. Janessa had a good semester with great grades and just bought new books for the new term. Brendan and I have to reinstall Windows XP on his computer today. I tried to pay Randin to do it but Brendan won't have anything to do with that. I have a new Spanish teacher who though she is an Anglo like me is filled with energy and is an accredited teacher. Sounds like it might work out. I did a show yesterday that went really well. One of the kids was a little loud and rude. I had to tell her up front that she would have to be quiet. I asked her name and one of the other kids said "evilyn" or "eeevilyn". Her name was "Evelyn" but that was the moniker from her schoolmates and she reveled in it. The youngest son walked up to me with a bottle during the show. He is almost five but autistic. He asked for a balloon in a strange but understandable way. We talked for a few moments and I gave him balloon. His parents were moved because he has trouble with people in general and strangers in particular. I usually have luck with kids with problems and made the kid comfortable. They usually feel I am approachable. In the end I got a big tip and was able to pay for six at dinner and movie with the result. It was a good day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i have slept well lately. I have been a little sick. Don't know what it is, tired, run down. I wanted to lay down in the afternoons and nap. I tried and just laid there. I feel better now. Janessa got a dog. I know the name of the dog but can't spell it yet. I will soon. It was her birthday present which is sweet. We both had our dogs run away yesterday during walk. Her dog ran away alarmingly in traffic near her Petco. Shadow got away on a long walk. Everybody is back this morning. No shows this week. I am working on a mailing. Donna is busy and happy using her well compensated and appreciated brain. Brendan is struggling with math but otherwise doing well. He seems to be the busiest with Kung Fu and all. We are pretty happy here and very lucky to be doing well and love each other.
The other day Bill Redman and I took a short walk through the Crestview Ecological Reserve which if you look south from our house is the burnt hills northwest of Crest. It was stripped of the brush and Manzanita that was growing there but now is sprouting flowers and an amazing plant called wild cucumber. Bill took a lot of pictures. I want to have them. I will buy a digital camera 2005 and a new computer too.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

It really is Spring here. Everything is blooming. Donna spent the night in LA after and before a meeting. She call me after dinner last night and said she had four drinks including two lemon drops which she loves. Pretty funny. She won $2400.00 over the weekend at Viejas. That is the record. She looked very youthful and beautiful when she left yesterday. I have an attractive wife. Janessa will be here this weekend and may stay for the next week or so. Spring break. She found out that she got all A's on her midterms. Wow. Brendan got his first two students at Kung Fu. He is proud of that and so are we. We got him an English tutor to help with the class and the upcoming AP. He found a wonder of a tutor. Thirty years experience of teaching English and an AP judge. He is impressed with her work and she is bringing out his talents.
I have done a string of highly successful psychic shows. It gave me a taste for more. I blew away a group last Monday at the convention center. They were hanging around like groupies and I will get a few shows out of them. Great feeling. A participant called it a "thoughtful mind experience."

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I am glad when I perform. I have a funny thought when I am up in front of an audience. "Hey, what am I doing here? I have a million things to do. I am a busy guy. This is a distraction!" Of course it isn't. It is the prime directive. Actually the prime directive is selling the shows. Performing is the result and a pleasant vacation from the barrage of work that must be done.
We ate from Panchos yesterday. Donna was late. Brendan did a 3 and a half hour assessment test at Sylvan learning center to determine a baseline for work on his English essay and organization skills. He said it was a waste of money and stupid. He usually says that. He might be right. We will investigate the results next Friday and make a decision.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

How can I be so busy and feel that I haven't done enough. There are always a million things to do in a mature family. I find that it is always easier to do the daily tasks than to do something creative, an investment in the future. I try to study my craft daily. Try to write a bit. I never feel it is enough. That is just the way it is. Live with it. Brendan is already busier than he has time for. School, Kung Fu and friends. He fits them all in and never has a quiet moment that I can see. He doesn't seem to mind. Donna will be in Florida for a week next week. Something about computers, people and organizing there work.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I wake up ready to face the world. I want to do a lot more business with the psychic show and I am ready to do whatever it takes to do a lot more business. I always have a million things to do. I can and do family, business things every day but always the most important should be growing my business. The order should be sales, improving my skills and shows, family and home items. Family is most important so business comes first because my success is predicated on having more money! Without the financial success the family goes in the toilet or somewhere near it.
I had a good weekend in Phoenix. Did a killer show for an association. $2250.00 for 45 minutes in front of the spouses (ladies) only. It is the kind of business I am doing now.

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