Sunday, April 04, 2004

Yesterday was an interesting day. I did a show, an Easter egg hunt, in a community called Paloma del Sol in Temecula. It is a nice regular tract with the addition of an active community association and a long and beautiful greenbelt that turns into a park. This isn't a narrow strip but a wide well appointed (play areas, basketball courts) parkland. They had mowed and sculpted the grass except for a 150 foot square for the days hunt. Deep enough to place lots of eggs. I did a good show. I had a lunch at the Panda Express which is too expensive and too fatty but has a lot of veggies and interesting dishes. The lady behind me had a English accent and I asked her what part of the British empire she was from. England she said. I mentioned Alistair Cooke dying. She said "he had a good run" She said that he had a good deal during the war over here reflecting the English view that he ran away from the war to the safety of America. "We listened to him every Sunday morning and it finally got boring." I didn't agree but I had only listened to five of his 58 years on the air and she was 82! I asked if she a Londoner had lost some friends or family in the bombing. "Two cousins," she said "and you know that they piled the dead in dust bins, it was terrible." I imagine it was.
Late in the day I went to Chula Vista for another party and being early took a long walk through their greenbelt and surrounding rolling hills. This is at the end of Proctor Valley road and is dramatic countryside filling up fast with houses. I walked for an hour and at one point walked into a sales office in my tux hiking clothes for a drink of water. We talked about things and I said I once sent a letter years ago to Corky McMillan the developer asking how in the world I would ever afford a house. One of the sales ladies said she just saw him with two Navy men who made $50,000 a year asking if they could qualify for a house if they pooled their money. "Boy is he out of it," she said.
Just listened to Rip Van Winkle again. A new recording and what a great story. I would recommend it for the description of his shrew of a wife alone. New work from the story - Termagant - A quarrelsome, scolding woman; a shrew.

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