Monday, May 31, 2004

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Friday, May 28, 2004

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Janessa is home for Rebecca's birthday. She has been having terrific experiences at Kaiser Corona as a volunteer in ER. She isn't a clerk or a drudge but has helping out with patients and learned to do EKG's! She met another Pre-Med student, Igor. She is smitten. "He doesn't know he is beautiful." She talks about him all the time. Her parents like this. Brendan is in home stretch of High School. We are holding our breath. He has pushed the limits of our sanity and doesn't know it even though we have told him. He speaks so softly all the time we have trouble hearing him. He is doing well in Kung Fu. He was asked to meditate for 20 minutes during a Tai Chi practice the other day with his eyes closed. He hates this part. I would too. He is young. They asked him to open his eyes and he looked down to see the red sash on the floor. This means, officially he is a teacher. A very cool way to promote him.

Friday, May 21, 2004

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I listen to the TV and radio too loud. When I am by myself I blast myself. I am turning it down. I may be a little deaf but I would rather struggle to hear something than be like so old man sitting alone with set screaming at me terrifying and disturbing the kids when they come to visit. I think it would be easy for me to slip into eccentricities. Donna is afraid of this too. "Don't be like your mother."
I am trying to be creative. I seems to be very hard. How to improve my show. How to write a appropriate line for an upcoming performance. How to create interesting and attractive literature for selling my shows. I can easily work on the minutiae of the day but to create something different I have to force myself and am rarely happy with the results. I make myself do it everyday to create a habit and make it come easier.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

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I saw a nasty accident yesterday on the highway to El Centro. A van had rolled over and demolished itself in the center divider about 50 miles east of here. I can't imagine anyone could have survived without serious injuries at the least. I am not that attentive a driver. I keep reminding myself to be one. In the last few years roadside memorials have been popping up along the road. It always bothers me and I want to know more. Someone lost somebody. I have been eating everything in sight lately. All my tricks to eat right are failing. I think I have one more idea that might get me on track. I need a guardian angel to put a little pressure on me. I know what is right to eat but I need moral guidance. Someone I know who is paying attention so I will worry what that think. I am getting a ton of exercise but I am slipping backward. Controlling food intake is more important. Donna is out of town and I have two days without shows so I must get a ton of everything done.

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