Wednesday, July 14, 2004

We went to Santa Barbara for a four day vacation last week. I took Donna to the Getty Museum for the first time. We had a life changing moment together in the painting building in front of Monet's Sunrise. Our heart raced and our bodies vibrated. We had seen great art and we were surround by great art. We all like the prints and pictures on the web but there is nothing like standing before the real thing. Van Goghs Irises was near by but it was eclipsed by one of Monet's Lily ponds to the right, in my opinion. We didn't spend any time in the garden. Just a quick spin around the horseshoe of galleries. I am sure we will be back.
We went to our first bed and breakfast the Bath Street Inn. It was quiet, beautiful and almost empty. The staff fed us well and they all loved to talk. We spent the first night dining at Roy which turned out to be quite good. It was an American best recipes from everywhere restaurant. We shared our good food. It is a gallery too with changing exhibitions on the wall. The current one is awful. Very dark. I called it Abstract Depressionism.
The next day we went to the wine country in Santa Inez Valley. It is more beautiful than our back country. Rolling hills with oaks perfectly spaced. Rolling hills some of them burnt to a crisp. They had a nasty fire as 101 meets the ocean and made a ugly view of the oceanside hills.
We visited Rideau and Lincourt. They are along a lovely road and are collections of neat buildings that fit right in to the look of the area. A lady at Lincourt got frustrated that we didn't drink more of the seven samples she offered. We were worried about Donna getting too tipsy to drive. What a witch. Rideau was very pleasant. Wine and cheese and good conversation. We noticed quickly that we were surrounded by interesting and educated people on this trip. We don't have that regular enough in our lives. We want to move where people are more intelligent, better dressed and have something interesting to say. We had lunch at a great cafe in Los Olivos. Everything good was expensive on this trip except at trip to La Super Taqueria. Paul Theroux says that travel is an expensive form of leisure. He is right. I spend money like a drunken sailor on a trip. It is quite pleasant though. We walked through art galleries in Los Olivos and saw an artist we want some prints from. Marilyn Simandle charges a few thousand dollars for a signed print. Guess not. We went to see "Marry me a little" that night in Santa Barbara. This a Stephen Sondheim musical made up from songs dropped from past productions is cobbled together to make an underwhelming 65 minutes with a few highlights. The title song was quite good and Silly People was cute. The best part was the talented and good looking pair of actors. You can't be unattractive, fat or unpleasant and get in a show like this unless you are the villain, I guess. The pianist (the only accompanist) got up at end and let the very handsome actor play the piano while the actress and him sang a final love song which was quite sweet.
We had a good Mexican dinner that night in an even nicer location.
We spent the next day taking the historical walk through town. It was a slow walk but the highlight I think is the Santa Barbara Court House. It is a large and magnificent structure. The amazing thing about this 75 year old place it that is still a working building. I wonder if it is frustrating to work in such an old place. There are murals and art everywhere. Donna read the step by step tour and we both enjoyed it. That afternoon we went to Solvang, shopped a bit, had Duck Breast at Cabernet Bistro and wound up losing $70.00 at the Chumash Casino. I liked the Indians better when they sold baskets and jewelry. Nice trip.
Oh yeah we are buying a house in Las Vegas for Debbie Arthur to live in. We have good enough credit to buy another house. All Debbie has to do is pay her bills on time.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have got a cold. I think it is one. I have an aching body, feel hot and lack energy. I woke up with a great attitude though. 21 more days to the hike and I want to make every moment count. I will get everything done, stay in shape, build my business and make the most of every day. I couldn't be more motivated. I had a dream last night, which was a terrible night because we woke up every hour or so, dogs barking, kids arriving (Janessas here) and phones ringing (Brendan calling saying he's coming home), that Donna was recommending that I take a job at Nordstroms. It was horrible. But I am fine now. I am still a Magician. We leave for Santa Barbara on Tuesday. A hastily planned, or unplanned trip at this point, trip to cover for our regular trip to the Sequoias. Donna wants to go somewhere and I came up with the destination. I will come up with some food to eat, places to visit and things to do today. Brendan is at work at the Arco at Woodside and Wintergartens in Lakeside. He must be exhausted. He came in at 4 or 5. Off to work.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Bad Haircut for Shadow Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Beautiful clear days lately. It is cool outside and July 1st. Today is Brendan first day of no driving. Amee took him to Kung Fu but I imagine it will be tricky to get him around now. I brought him rolled tacos because he couldn't get out to feed himself. We got Shadow groomed and bathed yesterday and there was a mistake. He has been trimmed down to a half inch of coat and he looks ridiculous. This is not good for a Chow. It can lead to skin problems so we have to brush him a lot in the future when his coat grows out. Donna is off 9 days on Friday. Our regular trip to the Sequoias has ended. Donna and I will go to Santa Barbara for a few days next week. The kids will go about their lives. Business has been good so I am in a good mood. Nothing like new business to cheer me up.

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