Monday, August 16, 2004

I had a busy day yesterday. Two shows far apart. What would I do without fossil fuels? The first show was at Crown Point and the audience was the San Diego Fire Department. It was a big picnic and one of the fire helicopters flew low in loops and blared a siren. "Two years ago it landed," Patricia, my event boss, told me. They had some awful music from, I guess, a Brazilian group. The best part was the Lambada dancers out front. I had a good audience and a good show. I rushed away to Valley Center to a wonderful extended family. They laughed hard and gave me two G's ,a drink, and a sandwich. Life is good. I stopped at Fry's and returned the bad SD card. Twice I blew it and bought something from Fry's that didn't work. I should know better the but the siren call of low prices confuses me. Went to Walmart and saved money on common items. Even went to Kinko's and made copies on a Sunday nite! When your wife is gone you get things done but you don't have a life. I am the only person in this family who gets to spend enormous amounts of time alone. I love it.

Syka who had a breast removed two weeks ago, is doing fine. She, like my mom, is courageous. I get a sniffle and I think I am dying and share that information with everybody. My mom walked with arthritis for years. We finally figured out it hurt like hell, from the Doctor! Syka is uplifting and more interested in us than herself. I should quit complaining.

Brendan said on the way to work, "I will be so bored today I will read the paper from end to end." Fortunately I had my seat belt on when he said the word "read," so I didn't fall out of the car.

I have been trying to understand my Pacific Crest Trail hike. Trying to explain in words the obsession to walk sequentially all the way to Canada. Unlike others who go directly to the Sierras I don't want to enjoy them until I get there. I want go there but I must walk there first.
I looked up the word journey in the thesaurus. I get adventure, pursuit and quest. I think quest means I have a big goal in mind and I want to do it right without missing a step. It means I have to walk through the less beautiful areas first but it is all a means to an end.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Janessa was here studying for her MCAT today and house sitting Becca's house. She is nervous but well prepared. She wants to ace the test the first time. Most people have to take it multiple times. She, of course, doesn't want to do that. We try to bring down her goals a little bit only to keep her from going off the deep end but we usually don't have that effect.

Brendan has been practicing all week for his teacher tournament for White Dragon Kung Fu school and is with Donna right now at the event. I will join them later. He told me that lots of people at the school don't take tournaments seriously. He thinks they are important. If you study something you should want to test yourself. I like that kind of talk.

I had a great week in business. I did a successful show up in Laguna Beach and just got another $2000.00 show for September for Pepsi! It makes me want to study and practice my art everyday. Next week I go to my show in San Antonio. That should be cool.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Amee and Brendan Posted by Hello
Donna is away in Vegas with her sister Debbie. We successfully bought the house for her to live in. She will pay all costs and we have a second home. Eventually Debbie with buy it when her credit improves.
Janessa is here. We repainted her bedroom as part of the plan to make it Brendan's. It will get a new carpet, molding, window treatment and maybe a window seat and bookshelves. Brendan wants a couch for visiting friends and and he said for naps. We will get a 27 inch TV for him as well.
I have been busy with shows. I set a goal to get 2000 more dollars by the end of August and have picked up 1200 so far.
The group of two and I did a 30 mile segment of the PCT at the end of July that took us over Idyllwild in viewing distance of Highway 10. Writing down everything here makes it sound as if I have an interesting life.
I heard Amee crying for the second time in Brendan's room last night. It seems that he doesn't spend enough time with her and doesn't make her a priority. It is probably true and we warned him he could lose her. I told him that she is more important to him than we are. I hope he gets it.

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