Sunday, September 26, 2004

I am in love with Donna. I read that a lot of courtesy between a couple was the death knell of the relationship. That is not the case with us. Rarely we treat each other badly. I am immediately sorry when I mistreat her. She is very sweet to me as well. I am comforted by her touch. Sleeping with her, just sleeping together, touching, relaxes me. I believe we both try to think of each others needs regularly. She really doesn't need a lot to be happy. She, like any good woman, wants her home to be nice. I am have improved in that area. At least we can afford to have some things done by others. We love out children and are proud of them. They are both quite different and quite wonderful. Things are going along swimmingly. It is a good life.
We have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it. I get a lot done and so does Donna but the piles are getting bigger. It is hard to plunge into stuff that needs to be sorted, dealt with, thrown out, sent out when there even bigger things to do. I don't like all this junk about though. I feel a little out of control of my life. I want things put a way. I need a clean order space to live in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It is easy to miss a workout but I never seem to miss a meal.
I have been reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves to Donna. It is helping my punctuation but punctuation is a complicated thing. It is a guessing game to put a comma, colon and semicolon in the right place but I want to do a better job of it. Donna plays Snood and I tell her where to put a period.
Janessa came down yesterday to go to the Camp Asthma program. She got a better medicine for her harder life in polluted Riverside. She also signed up for another 4 years in the extended program. When it is all done she will have been watched for 14 years! She is in all the literature as the Albuterol queen. Donna came home early and they spent money ,of course, on Brendan new closet. The carpet comes in Friday. We all had a pot of homemade Mac and Cheese with Sausage. It was nice.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I am an information black hole. No matter how much is available I want more. I am never satisfied with the quality and want to improve it. I never want to have a moment when I can't access something interesting. I am either reading the internet, paper, listening to the radio, TV. I like to the share the information with others; especially Donna. I have infomania.
Last night I entertained at the Pepsi "Win a Billion" final contestant dinner. A random sample of America, 200 of them, were at tables with one guest. I read their minds and it was a big success. The people, all of them, were nice and really, unusually attentive, and appreciative. If this was the "American People" than I was impressed.

Heart Disease is something you can never completely be prepared for. A significant number of people don't have any symptoms or signs of the disease. A significant number of them die from the first attack. You can improve your odds greatly by getting check ups but it is still a crapshoot. It is something I have thinking about a lot recently.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

We have been busy here. The girls have been remodeling Janessa's old bedroom for Brendan. He seems to be enjoying college. He actually talks about his classes. Something he rarely did in High School. I have been working on new tricks for the big Pepsi show on Friday. I get $2000.00 for two hours of walkaround and I don't feel that I deserve a fraction of that. I am improving my performance out of humility. Donna is working very, very hard. She comes home exhausted. I try to do as much as possible for her here. Janessa is bored stiff waiting for school to start and is jealous that Brendan is back in school. I have been exhilarated with life lately. Working hard and feeling right about things. I am fit but still a little fat. Can't seem to discipline my diet no matter how much I care to. I seem to wreck the best days with a food that is off the charts. I would like to do that once a week instead.

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