Monday, January 31, 2005

Petroglyph near Smuggler's Canyon Posted by Hello

"Big Kitchen" WBC 2005 Posted by Hello

Morteros WBC 2005 Posted by Hello

Marshal South Cabin Ghost Mountain 2005 Posted by Hello

Wilderness Basics Course 2005 Little Blair Valley Posted by Hello
This last weekend was the Wilderness Basics Course Car Camp with Sierra Club. Nine of us with two leaders went out to Little Blair Valley off S2 and spent the night. I picked the camp closest to a show in Julian I had Saturday night at KQ Ranch Campground. You are not supposed to leave during this things but I had an open minded leader, Jim Whitlock. We hiked to petroglyphs near our camp on Saturday in a cool little valley that had many morteros (grinding holes) and a dry waterfall with views into the lower Anza Borrego desert. This was a group of novice hikers. I don't know enough yet but I have a lot more experience than all of the students. Our leaders were very nice and knowledgeable but they are old school in pack weight. They carry a lot of heavy stuff in heavy packs. There is a danger in lightweight packs. A danger that you don't have enough to be safe or comfortable but I lean towards it heavily because it you can carry it farther with less stress on your body. The students are very nice and all about my age and above. After a very cold night we went up ghost mountain to see the remains of Marshal South's experiment in primitive living that started in the 30's. Both days were easy hikes. I got my ticket punched for the trip but with my schedule it will take about four years to get the certification. I will get it in time.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I have had several requests for the psychic show lately that have turned to nothing. It is like a beautiful woman teasing me and not coming through. I have several magic shows coming up but that means we have to watch our pennies. Donna has filled our freezer and pantry with food at great prices because of the Grocery Game. It is a great system and the first time that I have really believed we are saving money and not saving on items we don't need. Brendan is excited about his new classes for his second semester. Janessa is studying for the medical entrance exams, MCAT , and already has fabulous scores. She should be a shoe in.

Friday, January 21, 2005

San Jacinto and San Gorgonio from Hwy 74 Posted by Hello
Had a huge day at Bighorn Golf Community. I did a show and then 18 readings for the ladies. $1600.00 dollars for 7 hours. I was exhausted and happy. Took a few pictures of the snow covered peaks we have passed and will pass on the PCT. I did a show at Southwestern College and got this cool photo from the Nursing Program that doesn't teach health. I am busy and happy.

Southwestern College Poster Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I walked up Cowles Mountain for the Sierra Club Wilderness Basics Course time trials this morning. They determine the levels of the students so they can align them with the proper training groups. I flew up the front side in 27 minutes. A personal best. Without my regular 20lb training pack I felt light and swift. A group of out of shape newbies behind me took 39 minutes. It felt great. I probably won't be able participate in any of the outdoor trips because of my schedule but I was thrilled in how good of shape I am in.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Drinking some lemon and honey tea for a cough. It is a homemade drink. Don't have any syrup in the medicine box.
Mailing out 400 of the new flyers to agents and customers this week. I already got two calls!
It is the classiest thing I have ever done. I had lots of input and hopefully it will pull in some biz.
January is very quiet and I am making the most of it.
Donna is back at the gym after a 2 month respite. We both gained weight over the holidays. Mine wasn't too bad but I so desperately want to lose body fat. I am fit and too fat. I want to be leaner. I have wanted it for years and I have never been satisfied. Maybe I never will but I can't give up.
Janessa has a nasty pain that she and we thought was related to tooth sensitivity. It may be something else. Something weird. We are not going to panic. She is going to a Dental specialist on Monday.
Brendan is pretty much stuck here at the house. He has the month on January off and very few options. I take him most places and Amee mostly returns him. He has been sleeping till noon and watching TV until he goes to Kung Fu to teach.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I have signed up for the Wilderness Basics Course with the Sierra Club. I have hiked about 400 miles but I have so much to learn.
On a typical day I process lots of information. I learn a lot and and do a lot. Yesterday I: studied Spanish, read from my Great Books selection, hiked up Cowles mountain in the rain with an umbrella (a first), took Brendan to pick up his chain gang certificate, studied Cold Reading techniques for my Psychic show, worked on my sales plan, sent a UPS package, waited for help that never came on the Audible.com help line, fixed a Garmin technical problem, left several messages for clients, told one of them how much it would cost for a show on the Midway aircraft carrier and watched the movie I, Robot, which was quite entertaining. It is not heavy lifting but it is a full life.
About movies. I a tired of violence in films. I enjoy the movies but I need a simple entertaining or compelling story now and them. I am tired of guns, bombs and car crashes and unbelievable acts by the hero's in these films.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Last night I finished reading "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" to Donna while she plays video games on the computer. It is an amusing book about punctuation. The author is a stickler and that is a little annoying at times but always interesting. It has led me to try to improve my punctuation. I probably am making more mistakes now but I am not afraid. I want to write better but find it difficult to remember the rules.
I am the chief technology officer at home. Right now I am waiting for an Audible help person to correct a USB device manager problem. It is one of many things I do every day to fix our computers, gadgets and general home problems. There is always some to fix. It is a tiresome but important job. Unless we get rid of our things and simplify our life it is essential. We have no choice. We are not going back to a simpler life but the life we have is trying.
My New Years resolution, and I don't make them, is to do less things, projects; make less plans. I haven't figured out what that is yet. I have to think harder. I have a sinking feeling, that if I am to be responsible, that I will have no choice but to continue as I am. I have wondered what people do with their busy lives as they get older. Things probably fall apart. You can't keep up the life you have.

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