Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I have heard of the opera cosi fan tutte over the last few years. Its description was more surprising that I imagined.
I have gained 6 pounds since Thanksgiving. I will lose them before my birthday. I must be eating a ton because I am exercising like crazy. I have to have a plan. Nothing else works so I will lose a pound a week by controlling calories. It is the only thing that has worked for me in past.
I cancelled a hike planned for yesterday and today because of bad weather. Bill and Ray were ready to go. Ray is especially unaffected by time, distance or conditions. A good driving force for future trips. It has rained almost 2 inches in 48 hours here and snow was a definite possibility for the mountain we were headed to.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Last night we went to Little Italy for their weak version of Carnaval. We got exited about this special night but found that besides the restaurants, stores and some outdoor entertainment that not much was going on. We had hoped to find some food available on the street but no. We didn't want to wait 30 minutes to get into a restaurant. There were some cool shops and neat stuff to look at. It is pleasant to walk downtown.
I have to paint our bedroom today. I am not excited and finally figured out why. I am not lazy. We have painted every room in the house and much more. The bedroom will be hard because of the furniture that must be moved, complexity of the room shape and the fact it is our bedroom and we must live there during the whole process.
We bought new cellphones yesterday. We have the Verizon 6100's and they are sweet. I can read the bigger screen. It has a great intuitive menu, accurate voice recognition dialing, easier text messaging and even a camera. I hope these will work well for the next two years.
Donna saved $90.00 on a $154.00 total with the Grocery Game yesterday at Vons. Not only incredible prices but several things for free. We only buy what we can use which is a big change from trying to save in the past. Last night we had pizza that cost us $1.50 for dinner.
Business is terrible right now. I have been hustling every day to sell the act but no immediate luck. I just have to keep selling but we are going slowly in more debt which is distressing. Fortunately I am not falling apart like I have in the past. That is good.

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