Saturday, April 30, 2005

Picked up a hiker in distress from Mount Laguna yesterday. Lecia from Canada had all the skin from a little toe come off because of a blister. I took her right to the airport and we had a nice talk. She was sad to leave the trail but she will be back. Watched Janessa's DVD of Eddie Izzard last night. He is hilarious. An extremely well informed transvestite gives his random and specific thoughts in a historical tour de force. Donna was in pain from laughing. He has got a bit of Robin Williams in him and in the end it said he helped produce the video. Yes Janessa is home for the weekend. I am having a belated birthday dinner tonight at an Italian joint I picked. One of Brendan's students hit a bully after being pushed too far at school. Brendan is very proud. Sounds like he warned the miscreant and than popped him. Wonderful. I have 2 weeks to get ready for appears to be the toughest section on the PCT so far. We are taking it seriously. It will be about 40 miles from 2000 to 8000 feet through washed out debris ridden trail with possible impassable snow at the top. We are giving ourselves lots of time and remain a little nervous. At least I am.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

We beat Home Depot! It might be temporary. The Planning commission decided that their environmental Impact Report addendum was insufficient. We all thought as much regarding current traffic, noise and pollution problems. We weren't sure but this proved to be the Achilles heel.
I have a cold. Not to bad but I have them rarely and it isn't pleasant. Over the weekend I did a show for the Renkers in Indian Wells where I personally saw a Degas, Monet and three Van Gogh's. It was moving and wonderful. I took some crappy pictures with my cell phone as a memory. I did the Amy and Phil Mickelson party on Sunday. It went well and I had the opportunity to watch him watching Golf. At one point he turned to his brother and said. "VJ is in the trees."
I am getting millions of things done lately. It is a good feeling.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yesterday the neighborhood showed up in mass at the planning meeting for the Home Depot Project. Home Depot did a poor job of defending itself and we did a great job of telling the commissioners why the project shouldn't go in. The big problem is that the city planning staff is all for it with lots of reasons why. We had some great speakers with only one blip when a guy that will be in HP's backyard accused the city and staff of bending to this lame brain placement because of the possible tax revenue. It was an impressive turnout and I hope we defeat this idea again.

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